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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about FullVisitor products.

There are serveral reasons why fullvisitor is a lot more affordable than other similar services:

  • Bootstrapped company – The goal is to create high-quality, affordable products, not profits or growth at any cost to satisfy investors.
  • Self-hosted only – Heavily reduced operational costs.
  • Competing with free products – Platforms like Google Analytics are free to use. Many people would not even consider self-hosting if the monetary commitment was considerable.
  • Educating business owners – By providing affordable, high quality self-hosted alternatives to popular services, more and more people might realize that self-hosting is one of the best ways to reduce costs and respect the ever-changing privacy laws.

You will still be able to use Full visitor, but you will no longer receive updates or be able to contact support anymore.
The updates/support period can be renewed at any time by emailing your intention and license code and support [at]
By having paid updates, the sustainability and future development of the platform is assured.

Support can be provided via email, at [email protected], while your support period is still valid.
Support will be provided for issues with installation and usage. It does not include any customization or custom new features.
You can also always request new features. If enough people request a specific feature it will be included in future versions.

The quickest way is to use the chat widget in the bottom right corner.
You can also send an e-mail at [email protected].
😊 I am happy to respond to any questions you might have, be them related to features, installation, privacy, pricing or licensing options

tl;dr: No, Fullvisitor does not affect your site’s performance.

There are several things to consider when talking about performance:
  • Small included tracking JavaScript file size:
To track a site, a small JavaScript file has to be included on all its pages.
The size of Fullvisitor’s tracking file is really small, of only 6.5KB minified and gzipped.
In comparison, the Google Analytics tracking script is 18KB minified and gzipped. A HD photo is 300KB.
  • Optimized tracking performance:
Fullvisitor regularly sends tracking events from the user’s browser to your server using either XHR requests or a tracking pixel.
All those very tiny requests are sent asynchronously without affecting the site’s loading or usage performance.
  • Minimal server resource usage:
You can either install Fullvisitor on the same server as the tracked site, or on a different server.
If Fullvisitor is installed on a different server, it won’t use any resources of the server where your site is hosted on.
If Fullvisitor is installed on the same server as your site, every user visit will generate a few extra requests to your server. Those requests are very small and smartly buffered, each request usually translating in a few MySQL queries. Although those queries are optimized, depending on your server you might see increased CPU or disk usage.
Normally if your server can handle your website’s traffic, it can also handle Fullvisitor on top.

Payment is made by credit card (or safe debit), or by paypal

it is dependent which package you want:

pack starter: 1 User

pack business: 3 User

pack pro: 8 User

The minimum contract term is one year, however, payment can be made monthly.