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Easy and friendly analytics. Track your users journey, replay sessions, collect heatmaps & more

FullVisitor is a website visitor tracking and website usability testing tool that allows users to record, analyze, and optimize their website’s user experience. It provides features such as heat maps, session replays, form analytics, and feedback polls, which can help website owners understand how visitors interact with their site and identify areas for improvement. FullVisitor can be used to optimize the design and layout of a website, improve the user journey, and increase conversions. It is available as a browser extension or as a standalone application, and can be used on both desktop and mobile websites.

Mouseflow offers a range of features to help website owners understand and improve their website’s user experience, including:

  1. Session replays: FullVisitor records user sessions and allows website owners to watch them back to see how users interact with their site.
  2. Heat maps: FullVisitor generates heat maps that show where users click on a page, helping website owners understand what elements of their page are the most popular.
  3. Form analytics: FullVisitor provides detailed analytics on form submissions, including which fields are most commonly left blank and which cause the most errors.
  4. Feedback polls: FullVisitor allows website owners to create polls and surveys to gather feedback from users on their website experience.
  5. Funnel analysis: FullVisitor provides insights into where users are dropping off in the conversion process, helping website owners identify and fix issues.
  6. Integration with Google Analytics: Mouseflow integrates with Google Analytics, allowing website owners to see FullVisitor data alongside their Google Analytics data.
  7. Mobile support: Mouseflow is available for both desktop and mobile websites, allowing website owners to see how users interact with their site on different devices.
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